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Intimacy is essentially the ongoing experience of truth, freedom and unconditional love which can only emerge within the context of relationship ~  (keith sherwood)

Communication & interaction between people increases the release of the hormone oxytocin and increases the effects of the Vagus nerve; both enhance happiness.

It is time to stop the isolation, and merge....unite ~

Today at 11:02am ET the Sun & Moon conjoin at 28 Gemini. The last new Moon in May was @ 0 Gemini. Since then we have been through 3 eclipses & experienced evolution: expanded awareness of egoic behavior; fear-based mind vs. enlightened Mind. The quality of  movement between fear-based mind & higher consciousness has been refined, endowing  a new perspective.

Realize that we create our own reality from every thought, word & action. So, rather than thinking analytically, explore the creative genius. Recognize the power of affirmations & the need to protect Self from negative thoughts in the psychic atmosphere. 'Naming' objects & people is a magical art. Names are composed of letters; each letter carries a numerical & spiritual vibration, opens to the magic of using words as mantrams of power, phrases of enchantment. Aware of the danger of misusing power; transform that danger into a great adventure of consciousness & mental expansion. The light of innocence & imagination rekindles passion for life.
This is the energy of the traditional archetype: The Magician ~ Planetary ruler: Mercury

Mercury has been out of bounds for the past few weeks & unites with the Sun on the ecliptic today, as he returns to this new realm of consciousness & crosses paths with the Sun just as he reaches his zenith.  Mercury & Venus, rulers of the mind & heart, newly configured, generating conscious awareness within. Activating the Vagus via Pineal vibrations...unleashing more strands of DNA.

The muse will suddenly arrive & depart. Muse, the spark of creative fire within the higher imagination; subtle, fleeting & tricky to understand. It is time to follow the inner guide, the in.genious & inventive way of thinking. Do not follow an outer leader piping a hypnotic tune;  prefer to listen to the gentle refrains of  inner music. Be playful, dance, sing & let the artistic gifts blossom; pay homage to the Supreme Creative Spirit that leads forward on the path of this fabulous life on planet Earth.
See life from a higher perspective now. Explore the realm of imagination & fantasy. Good fortune is just around the corner. Anticipate a turning of the wheel of fortune. Be an optimist. Know that the power of prosperity consciousness is the glow, and how to take advantage of golden opportunities.
This is the energy of the traditional archetype: The Wheel of Fortune
Planetary ruler: Jupiter

The Gemini new Moon marks the end of the wormhole passage, delivers the summer solstice & the new world. These last four weeks have been  life altering: a solar eclipse at 0 Gemini, a lunar eclipse at 14 Sagittarius, right on the Great Attractor degree & today’s new Moon at 29 Gemini occurs just opposite the Galactic Center.

These three events constitute a reboot of consciousness that brings unity & produces a major inner shift. A very rare Venus transit, brought her directly between the Earth & the Sun. Venus has not gone that far out of bounds in hundreds of years.This phenomenon occurred at @ 15Gemini, opposite the Great Attractor, constituting the second half of a once in a lifetime reboot of Love consciousness.  We've passed into the New World.

Today’s new Moon occurs at the last degree of Gemini, a master degree, the mastery of unity consciousness, representing triumph over duality & separation.