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Fine Tune with the Rhythm of your Higher Self ~
~ OM ~

Namaste ~
Moving forward into heart based energies, we are learning the language of the Light.
In the midst of transforming the physical state of Self, transcending into higher dimensional frequency, we are becoming congruent with the vibrational energies of our Solar System.  
With the 'cleansing' process we are enduring, more light is brought into our bodies. Slowly we adjust to the new higher vibration; first by being aware of it, then by subjecting fearlessly to the flow. 

Remind urSelf that there is a lot going on (cellularly), that allows free thought, while@ the same time (adjustments are) shifting our belief system and old paradigm.  This may create a sense of disorientation. We are transforming our physical state; ascending into a higher vibration; our task is to synchronize the Self; body, mind, spirit ~

From my research I am beginning to understand how this change in the vibrational energy is affecting  our physical bodies.  As we are now moving into 12 strand DNA and 6 strand RNA our chakra & auric systems are extending and expanding in function.

(*) DNA & RNA are two nucleic acids found in our cells ~
DNA ~ a double strand molecule that contains our genetic codes; a collection of chemical information.  
RNA ~ a single strand molecule that plays a large role in the 'process / translation' of genetic information.
RNA is  more resistant to Ultra Violet rays.
Because RNA is also involved in the process of expression & represssion, the function of RNA, protein synthesis within a cell, is now also relaying code changes to DNA. ~

Bring awareness to the RNA functions; currenlty not only a catalyst of human biological shift, but also now the receiver of information from higher realms. 

The signal code 'radio receiving' apparatus of our new biology that allows for the crystallization and 12 strand DNA, crystallization of the pituitary, pineal, thymus to come into place...shifting our RNA from one strand to 6.
Here the multi dimensionality of 'quantum consciousness' becomes requisite and available to those of us who seek ascension. 

 Because our RNA communicates and receives information in multiple time dimensions, its crystallization and upshift is equally significant as that of our DNA.

Here on Earth we are all composed of a carbon body that is aurically interfaced with an etheric body of bio plasma.  When we transition into higher realms we will be fully conscious in the etheric energy, in a body of 'crysto bio plasmic light'  ~

Once we expand and connect, we return to our 'Higher Self', which has been filtered away from us in duality.  Remember here, that our core Genesis is 'Divine Thought', which co-creates and permeates every inter cellular substance of tissue; every Matrix~

It is imperative to learn about the new systems that are facilitating our evolutionary leap, if we consciously want to ascend into the next level.  The better we understand these changes, the greater energy we carry; with which comes greater responsibility.  Here we must learn to control our 'energy field frequencies' and attune (balance / tweak) the power within (thru self discipline & mental balance).  This way we gain the ability to navigate this higher dimensionality and in so doing access greater consciousness, and  learn to channel with our own 'Higher Self"~

Om shanti ~