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                       DIVINE COSMIC DANCE 


The moment you have in your heart this extraordinary thing called love and feel the depth, the delight, the ecstasy of it, you will discover that for you the world is transformed.  ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

The Spirit who animates the universe is calling us to order. Evolving us into co.creating the emergence of a new paradigm, giving us an opportunity to evolve our Self to our highest potential. This process is called transcendence...going beyond ordinary limits; surpassing; exceeding. Now is the time to challenge Self to stand in the Supreme truth, that creation is an ongoing dynamic; it is within the natural Supreme Creative Intelligence to create new movement constantly. 

The pull of patriotism & materialism has depleted our Spirit, and our connexion to Earth. Cosmic energies are accelerating the energetic vibration in our atmosphere, affecting us cellularly, whereby we are realizing our individual intelligence. Now, by the pull of our Heart we are called to step up and resurrect our Self respect.

Intelligence is located in our membrane, which both encloses our cells, while interfacing the environment. The membrane picks up environmental signals, and informs our cells of changes to be made to continue thriving. Our membrane enables the cell to maintain its uniqueness, while allowing new information from the environment to pass through. This new information has the power to override and change genetic structure.  For our Spirit to remain alive & relevant we need to be flexible enough to enable this new information to enter and stable enough to reshape the Self to preserve its core identity.

Earth is a sacred revelation, a Divine embodiment. A source of immense Divine wisdom, with an intricate & elegant eco-system. We silently communicate with nature & master the relationships between different modes of consciousness. This communion is a dance. Learn the steps of this dance; we have the unique power to co.create the future of life on Earth. Appreciate the dynamics of the universe reflected & active within each of us. Gain the psychic energy to break the spell of narrow cultural narratives to reintroduce the magic & mysteries of life.

Mythologically, our story begins with Khaos, the yawning, formless void before creation, spontaneously generating an ordered cosmos of deities, beginning with the Goddess Gaea, out of whom her husband grew like a plant. Deep order is intrinsic in this chaos, this order 'organizes' under the proper conditions. There is no external agent for this process, this happens within.  The universe contains genuine variation, unexpected miracles and an elegant order which is not imposed, but rather emerges as we trust Divine life within our chaos. 

Today our chaotic world is void of awe & wonder. We can resurrect Spirit by reviving enchantment with the natural world. Recognize innate capacities to think & trust Self in the pursuit of real Truth, an urge that emerges freely. Differentiation has slipped into dissociation, holding us back from realizing our fullest potential; the temptation of hubris. This dissociation has affected our Spirit.

We are infused by a sacred milieu, a cosmos filled with meaning and a sense of purpose, charged with Supreme Creative Intelligence. The alignment of the stars & planets influence us; life is a participation in the soul of the world, a natural communion (anima mundi). This enchanted universe is imbued with invisible intermediary powers, that shape & direct our story. 

Due to unique, once in a life time planetary alignments, Earth is currently showered with high accelerated vibrational energies, nudging us in the direction of  spiritual evolution. Life is within the flow of a universe that is evolving in a meaningful & purposeful direction. Feel Soul's hunger for the sacred. Validate this experience of the enchanted, sacred dimension in life. 

Resurrection of Spirit begins by stimulation of our brain to find the energy of unconditional love, which pulsates @Heart. Realize this energy as an immanent all pervasive Divine presence, found in all creation. Rediscover 'enchantment' as spiritual foundation. 

Authentic feelings evoked by beauty, an awe inspiring sunset for instance, which prepares our bodies for deep sleep, brings to awareness the depth dimension of life. A mystery that surrenders to the dance with the orb of light & heat, while traveling through deep space.  Earth, situated precisely at the right distance from the sun for life to emerge, humanity to evolve, as the result of the sun's heat reaching Earth. The heat within our bodies; the heat of the sun~

Jupiter had too much mass to evolve beyond a gaseous stage, Mars didn't have enough mass to keep the fires burning, turned into rock. Gaea, on the other hand had the perfect alchemical make up (electro magnetic energy) to entice life.

Hidden within the fabric of the cosmos there is a bias toward increasing complexity & organization. This bias is driven by Supreme Creative Intelligence, manifest in three interrelated dynamics; communion, differentiation & auto-poiesis (Self renewal) ~ Deep inside each being is the innate knowledge of the particular steps to take in order to participate in life's evolution. Acknowledgment of interior dimension enables the expression & manifestation of our unique identity, our Soul purpose ~

When surrounding conditions are sufficiently intense, with enough free energy present, hidden patterns are activated, suggesting the presence of Supreme Creative Intelligence at the heart of the universe.  With the current celestial showers we are encouraged to discern, filter & delegate the energies in our atmosphere ~ Dance smoothly on the music of the spheres. A conscious willingness allows Spirit to move in us in the way the Spirit moves through all creation, evolving a more Self-conscious human being. 

Currently the pressure in the world is sufficient for new adaptations to emerge; an evolutionary pressure that is a tender thread in the fabric of the universe ~ 

Introduced to the New World, we discover harmony, an equilibrium unsurpassed, balanced by the discipline & power of Self, motivated to revere the Spirit within; our Soul ~ With integrity we arrive at knowing & integrating a newly revered Self into a new society that is forming now, as we "lay aside our immaturity and walk in the way of insight" (Proverb- 9, Sophia) ~ Breathe in these new, upgraded energies, these pure emanations of radiant eternal light. Let the Divine Spirit within, resonate the Divine Spirit that "penetrates through all spirits that are intelligent, pure & subtle" (Wisdom of Solomon 7:22:23) ~  

Faithful living today requires spiritual discipline. Our personalized sacred rituals revive the ancient practice of communion with nature; nature within Self, our own Supreme Creative Intelligence, the powerful impression of "the way, the truth & the life" (Jesus: John's Gospel).

Access Divine modes of consciousness in the deep stillness of the quiet mind.  Dip consciousness into the vessel of cosmic consciousness, and mind takes on the quality of the natural Supreme Creative Intelligence, which is what gave rise to the universe.  This hidden wholeness of the universe, and the capacity to realize this, is attained at the root of stillness, and advances the manifestation of human beings co-creating life on Earth. 

Energetic patterns are changing in our atmosphere. Understanding the participative nature of the universe, within Self, transcends the ritual of renewal in an opportunity to celebrate life. By reinforcing mutuality, this celebration represents the path of wisdom. 

                                 ~ Namaste ~