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Cleansing our energy in the morning

In the morning, while preparing to go into the world, is a good time to investigate the energies that coat our interior wall.   It is best to start @root center ~ Muladhara.  Red hot life energy located at the base of the spine; the coccyx center.  This center illumines the nerves that go to the lower parts of the body, connecting to Earth, life, and our unique experience.  Here we learn to concentrate, to persevere, loyal to our Highest Truth.  This is our place of understanding that 'all is one' , the electrical guide that connects to every form of magnetic life on Earth.  It is also residence of our physical strength derived from our own sense of  trust in our ability to be Self sufficient. Focus  and lingering in that energy will empower it.

Second energy center, Svadhisthana.  The vibrant orange energy of this chakra, alive with magnetic power, is at the lower abdomen; the place where we store our interaction, finding messages/lessons that relationships bring.  It is also the place of feelings of 'security' for Self and for what we wish for others as we progeress to  start our day.  It is home to our creativity ( the birth center to ideas).  Determine the energetic atmosphere of the body.  Placing focus for a minute will re energize this area and get you on your way to start the exciting and mysterious journey fresh.  

Moving up toward third energy field, Manipura, located@solar plexus, we find the rich yellow fire energy that honors the Self.  Focused attention here will recharge your Self esteem, Self control, integrity, endurance and dignity.  Showering your positive energy here will burn & purify obstacles that keep you from your Highest Truth.  

This is the last of the 'lower' vibrational energy centers, concerned purely with 'world consciousness' ~ the next  higher realm chakra's are concerned with 'spiritual consciousness'.  Concentration in the higher realm will automatically bring the flow of energy upward, raise consciousness.

Our fourth energy center, Anahata, radiates  green light @ heart center, expanding our inner rainbow. This is the place of Divine power. The central power house mediator between body & spirit. The place of LOVE; the only true power that makes any difference in the human experience. Open heart center, a myriad possibilities flow your way.  This emotional energy is the true motivator.  Love Self enough to shield from anger, stress, negative energy ( from Self & others).  It is important to protect the quality of Love energy that flows through heart center.  Enter the interior of the heart; focus energy here for a moment. The only way to spiritual consciousness is through the heart.  Love in its purest form  is unconditional; open up to all possibilities, people; look through the heart curiously not with the face of fear. 

 Working the spiritual body scan up to 5th chakra, Vishuddha, located at the throat, we surrender to divine will; knowing that everything is divinely orchestrated.  This blue energy wheel is the place of  'choice' & consequence .  It contains the central cord of our power (free will) the place we decide truth from illusion.  Direct free will here to commit Self to make empowering choices during the day. Ones that bring clarity and raise consciousness.  Our personal responsibility includes our energy contributions; every choice we make has consequences. Lingering here  for a moment will successfully keep you reminded all throughout the day.

Floating  the body scan up to the next (6th) chakra, the third eye, Ajna, we arrive at our cerebral territory, our mind; a  powerful instrument.  Linger here in this  Indigo, ether energy.  This is the center of wisodm.  Empower your personal beliefs, attitudes, unique experience.  Here we resonate to the energies of our psyche.  Interaction here can lead to intuition and wisdom.  This is the place we seek our own sacred truth ~ creating a balanced state of mind.

The center of that truth sought is found here at the crown, 7th energy center, Sahasrara ~ the 'present moment awareness'.  Linger here in gratitude, Spirit only knows here & now.  This violet crown commits Self to stay present. Always, living within the energy of love & compassion, grounded in the world, identified with infinite.

Our energy cleansed, we are ready to embrace the day