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These current times on earth are auspicious; it is a time of transformation and renewal.  Environmental crisis and worldwide struggles bring us to realization.  Time now to bundle energies of like mind, participate in our fullest capacity to inspire and empower our Self and each other.  Old world mentality of separation, greed and ignorance is reaching  its highest peak. A new paradigm is emerging in our world. Our collective journey is birthing new solutions, new healing modalities, new science, new educational models...new ways to resolve our conflicts.  

A kind of BELLE EPOCH is rising.  A time where unemployment can go down, where education and health care can be reformed, and where culture & the arts can thrive. The current world crisis is unifying us, catalyzing us to awaken to our responsibilities.  Aligning our Self with this energy we become more conscious of our intentions and actions; the affect it has on others. In our heart we find guidance for this mystical journey.

This is an evolutionary moment for human beings. Gaia herself is in transformation, creating a higher vibration. This can be measured scientifically.  The Schumann resonances ( our global electro magnetic field spectrum) are changing in frequency.  Every thing is energy, has its own vibration, and is changeable.  At this particular moment in time Earth's  vibration is accelerating drastically (moving from 6 to 8 Herz in 1900 ~ to 7,83Hz in 1980 ~ to about 12 or 13 Hz currently). Everything with low vibration is shaken up and movement to higher vibration is taking place.  Bringing us to a higher niveau collectively.  Our New Earth (Terra Nova) is emerging, moving us from a dark iron period to a light golden time, a time of pure truth.

The moment has come to assimilate knowledge of higher intelligence. Being part of  Gaia's life and her electro magnetic field, we receive her new energy and evolve along with her.  As we are merging, we move from being world citizens to being Galactic citizens; from slave & victim to mastership, experiencing our own godliness.  Everything is being put into this bright light, and that which does not resonate, dissolves in its own truth.

Now is a time to tune into this higher vibration. The influx of this new energy can be felt best on full moon, as well as during equinoxes.  Looking ahead we can tune into this energy highly on 22 September ( equinox) as well as 10/10/2010 ~ 11/11/2011 and 12/12/2012 ~

Bringing our heart rate to Alpha level, in tune with Earth's heart beat, will strengthen our connection to our Higher Self.  (our Self in higher vibration & higher dimensions) ~  Merging with people of like mind, will enhance our experience and will make this mystical journey a celebratory event.

(*) articles on the essence of Self can be found @   www.evelinebodymindspirit.com