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Announcing The Book of Lillith

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  After the first decade of the 21st century, in the midst of a chaotic collective evolutionary moment, the cusp of a new era, a postmenopausal Lillith Moore finds her Self still in search of love.  A spiritual journey toward a more conscious awareness of Life and the many shapes of Love unfolds.  The Book of Lillith takes us on a celestial magic carpet ride and gives us a glimpse of the meditation on the transformational power of LOVE ~

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"The search for the wholeness within.  The Book of Lillith is a beautifully written odyssey of the journey of the soul searching for union with its human counterpart.  The human part lost its memory along the way of growing up in the illusionary world that surrounds humankind.  The dramas, traumas and pain that this world inherits, supply us with the motives and tools to find answers for our feelings of hopelessness, fear, loneliness and of being lost.  By chiseling these illusions away, we become naked and open for the higher Self, the sacred within the soul to reunite in harmony with our human part.  Here the human part recognizes the yearning has been toward union with its divine part all along.  Julian & Lillith, soul and body, love and acceptance, thus creating a third entity: A life lived in awareness of our full potential, guided by our source of Love & Harmony; life as it was meant to be.”  ~ L.R.

"A life of experience that creates hurt and fear is not a permanent stamp on our soul.The Book of Lillith brings light to the path of change. " ~ C.L.B