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I've just published essay 1809 on 房 (chamber, room; cluster; tuft; tassel; cell), which includes a doozy of a photo. Take a look at this:

Photo Credit: Eve Kushner

The kanji in the center aren't the problem. Here they are from right to left:

ゴム印 (ゴムいん: rubber stamp)
印章 (いんしょう: stamp, seal)
名刺 (めいし: business cards)

We know, then, that this Osaka shop sells name seals, rubber stamps, and business cards.

But what's going on inside those circles?! Because I had 房 on the brain, I was miraculously able to spot it on the lower left. Beyond that, I was lost.

[To read the rest, go to Joy o' Kanji!]

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Cluster of grapes

I believe this is the collective noun used also for a cluster of grapes. (budou no fusa) Also breasts. nyuubou (literally milk chamber.) So, the image for me is that of a cornucopia.

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Sorry, I didn't see this comment till now. Yes, it's definitely used for a cluster of grapes! And many other things, including breasts. I like "milk chamber" very much as an interpretation. My sources instead say that the breakdown would be "breast + pendulous sac." Anyway, cornucopia as an image is just wonderful!