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Slipping on a Pun About Wet, Fallen Leaves

I've written several times about a man from Osaka who sends me emails in a rarefied Japanese far beyond my comprehension. Here's a recent sample, which he wrote when Japan was still ablaze with autumn colors:


風雅 (ふうが: elegance; refinement); 紅葉狩り (もみじがり: autumn-leaf viewing);
洒落込む (しゃれこむ: to get dressed up); 濡れ落ち葉 (ぬれおちば: wet, fallen leaf);
毎週末 (まいしゅうまつ: every weekend); 映画館 (えいがかん: movie theater)

With the help of a dictionary, I translated the vocabulary as I've done here. I could also grasp that he goes to the movies every weekend. After that I was at a loss. I thought perhaps he was concerned about slipping on wet, fallen leaves if he dressed elegantly!

I turned first to my language partner, then to my proofreader, and between them I've come to understand quite a few things that eluded me before.

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