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Putting the Pieces Together

A quiz of sorts: do you have any idea what the following word might mean?


Look carefully at the components of 孵! I'll reveal the answer at the end.

There are a zillion ways to lose yourself in the details of one kanji. My life is all about that, and I love it! But there's also something ultra-satisfying about putting all the pieces together and seeing them as a beautiful mosaic. Last weekend I did just that.

My proofreader had sent me a scan of the April 24 Yomiuri Shimbun, because one cartoon featured something relevant to essay 1989 (巾: cloth, towel). I was curious about the cartoon but felt more drawn to an adjacent article about Sado Island, which I briefly visited two summers ago in hopes of finding Old Japan. That short trip to a faraway place let me have a taste of life in a two-hundred-year-old Japanese village, fulfilling my deepest fantasies.

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