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Newsletter announcing the launch of Joy o' Kanji!!


Hello, Friends of Joy o' Kanji (aka JOKers)!

I've embarked on a lifelong project called Joy o' Kanji. And I'm thrilled to report that, as of today, the project has launched! The website that has been under construction for eons is finally ready. Hooray! Hallelujah! Wahoo! Here's the address: 


My earlier predictions of a March 2011 launch may have been just a tad over-optimistic, but the long delay is all the more reason to celebrate now!

[Image of cheerful balloons]


What Joy o' Kanji Offers You

But what IS Joy o' Kanji?! I aim to write one essay about each of the 2,136 Joyo kanji (the characters used in daily life in Japan). Posted in PDF format, the comprehensive essays feature playful text, an ample supply of compounds (words formed with two or more kanji), sample sentences, whimsical quizzes, and photos of kanji in real-life situations. In the first two pages of each essay, there's a "Character Profile" (with essential facts about the character and a stroke order diagram), a "Read All About It!" box for further investigation, and an "Etymology Box." These essays are downloadable for just $1.99 apiece. Currently, you'll find two free essays, as well as 10 essays available for purchase. 

[Image of the 2 covers of the free essays]

Aside from the essays, you'll find the following features on Joy o' Kanji:

• JOKIA (Joyo Kanji in Action) photo albums. These contain pictures of kanji from all over the world. With 10 photos apiece, each album puts the spotlight on five kanji. These albums are available for just $.50 apiece, and you can view each one as many times as you like.

• Radical Notes. Each of these short (and FREE!) essays takes an in-depth look at a particular radical. Historically, there have been 214 radicals, many of which are still in use today. Joy o' Kanji will closely examine all of the radicals that are still relevant, developing a library that doesn't exist anywhere else (as far as I know).

• Thematic Explorations. More short and FREE essays for you! The texts may serve as auxiliaries to essays about individual kanji or may cover topics relevant to several characters. Thematic Explorations are meant to be light and playful, stimulating further thought.

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Spreading the Word

For some strange reason, not everyone is studying Japanese, but almost everyone knows someone who is. If you happen to know a student of Japanese or Chinese or someone who loves languages, I would very much appreciate if you could point them in the direction of www.joyokanji.com.

[Image of stone in Kamakura engraved with many kanji]


Till We Meet Again

I will be on vacation between December 23 and January 2. Yes, I just started the job and I'm already taking a vacation! Internet access may be limited while I'm away (in the Canary Islands, off the coast of Africa!), so if you leave comments on the site (and I hope you do!), my response may be slightly delayed.

 land of perpetual summer) regular + summer + country    Isn't that a lovely term?! And look! The first kanji is the 常 of 常用 (じょうよう: daily use). That's the way to write Joyo in kanji. This is all very "meant to be"!]


Once I return, I'll post essays every Friday. JOKIA albums will appear on the site whenever they're ready. You'll also see frequent posts in JOK Notebook (a bloggy portion of the site), What's New? (where I'll tell you where to find recent additions), and On Deck (where you'll learn what's forthcoming). And of course I'll keep adding to Radical Notes and Thematic Explorations.

Until we meet again, have a JOYOus holiday season and a happy new year!

JOYOusly yours,

Eve (and the rest of the Joy o' Kanji team)