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Going in Circles

Let's start with a quiz! What do you think the following word could mean?

血迷う (ちまよう)     blood + to lose

a. to lose dangerous amounts of blood
b. to menstruate
c. to give blood
d. to lose one's mind

Photo Credit: Eve Kushner

Here's the answer:

d. 血迷う (ちまよう: blood + to lose) means "to lose one's mind." According to my proofreader, we can understand each part of this word as follows:

血: with blood rushing to one's head
迷う: to lose self-control; lose one's normal judgment

Now for a new quiz. Consider the following word:

色香 (いろか: color and scent; loveliness; charm; sexy, sex appeal, attraction, erotic, coquettish, bewitching)     color + scent

What could it mean when combined with 血迷う in this phrase?

色香に血迷う (いろかにちまよう)    

     color and scent; loveliness; charm (1st 2 kanji) + to lose one's mind (last 2 kanji)

a. to fade
b. to be infatuated
c. to become delirious; hallucinate
d. to become drunk

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