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Drops of Rain, Drops of the Moon

A friend sent an email that contained a lovely word:

     雨宿り (あまやどり: taking shelter from rain)   rain + shelter

To me, this kun-kun construction sounds eminently gentle and soft. The word appeared in this sentence:

     Coming back from work, I stopped at another branch of the restaurant I’m working at and
     took shelter from the rain for two whole hours.
          仕事 (しごと: work); 帰る (かえる: to come back); 働く (はたらく: to work); チェーン店
          (チェーンてん: chain store); 2時間 (にじかん: two hours)

Speaking of rain, I've come across one of those highly specific words that make Japanese rich and fascinating:

     樹雨 (きさめ: precipitation resulting from thick fog condensing on leaves)   timber + rain

That's quite evocative! As I read the definition, I can just imagine walking through a wet forest ...

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