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The March newsletter just came out, and as I have announced there, four people won the contest I offered in the February newsletter. Huge congratulations to Kelly Godsoe, Tilak Bhattacharjee, Junko Soda, and Patrick Sneyd, who received three essays apiece! (I like that the four winners come from different countries. Kanji brings the whole world together!)

In the same newsletter, I have provided contest answers (and a new contest!), but one answer calls for extra discussion. Here's the question again:

1. illegitimate (throne) + year = _______

a. election year

b. leap year

c. year of worldwide uprisings

d. year in which a controversial person accedes to the throne

If you want to think about it for a moment, I'll block the answer with an image that I recently added to the next-to-last section of the FAQ:

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