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All-Hands Meeting


My husband and I frequent an Indian restaurant in San Francisco, not just because the korma is heaven-sent, and not just because the naans are fluffy and scrumptious. We also enjoy the quirkiness of the server.

One time he emerged from the back to take our order and held up both hands as though he'd never seen them before. "I've been looking at my hands," he said very slowly, "and I noticed that the right one is larger than the left." He turned them upside down, then right-side up, then upside down, as if the three of us had no purpose other than to consider his hands.

He finally got around to taking our order. (I may have redirected him with a "So, anyway ....") When he later arrived with the food, I exclaimed, "Oh my god, your hands aren't the same size!"

Apparently, it didn't cross his mind that I was teasing. He put down the dishes, returned to staring at his hands, and said a bit forlornly, "Yes, I've been thinking the same thing. The right one is definitely bigger than the left." He continued to stand there, and my husband and I struggled not to laugh, though we did plenty of that later.

Many kanji lately have made me think about hands and fingers. For instance, I came across this word:

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