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New York City
Sep 2011

When my writing partner and I submitted our TV pilot, "Your Night Of Stars," to Comedy Central, the response was 'not our kind of thing, but at least you're not crazy.' The reaction at ShowTime was 'maybe if we had as much money as HBO'. My play "Symposium" (not based on Plato’s dialog ‘Symposium’) has been well received by the dozen or so people who have read it. The one play I have had produced – twice –  "Abu Kasem's Slippers” (based on the story 'Abu Kasem's Slippers’), was enthusiastically received by the wise and insightful people of Bend and Cave Junction, OR. I'm currently working on two things: the character arcs of an episodic TV series based on life around the High Line in the Lower West Side /West Chelsea area of New York, called “The High Line,” and an epic poem tentatively titled "O Flightless Frogs! O Ducks Who Live In Spain!"  I’m also a non-representation maximalist abstract expressionist painter, and a casual photographer with an interesting eye.

My careers have been based in the computer and legal industries, the common thread being my writing skills (product merchandising deliverables, product launch presentation scripts, administrative SOPs, that sort of thing). After thinking about writing more creatively for years, knocking out the occasional op-ed piece when impassioned briefly by the social issue of the day, the meatball finally hit me in 1998 and I now have more writing ideas than time. I've joined Red Room in order to connect with others unlike myself, and those like myself as well if that’s absolutely necessary.



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non-representational abstract art, reading novels, bios, history and some contemporary politics, jazz and world music and the Rolling Stones