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abandoned roads
Sometimes, when I lie awake at night, I think about how different my life could've been. Looking back to that lonely soul, ragged flannels and shredded sneakers, roaming highschool hallways like some ghost, always waiting for something; waiting for sanity, waiting to die.  I spent eighteen or...
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a thousand stories
I stood in the back; hiding, waiting, taking it all in. I hid from the small hint of fear that lingered behind my eyes, trying to be supportive to my companion. I waited for him to hold up the tent flap before I entered, waited for the cold to turn to heat and the overcast sky to clear. I took a...
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I told myself I would make it out one day, when I was ten and felt really small. I said that small towns weren't for me, that the whistling in the cornfields were just all in my head; my imagination caught on fire. So here I am, almost fourteen years later, laying in my one bedroom apartment...
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I want to be a writer someone remembers. Not just a weird kid who writes in parking lots or who scribbles on napkins in restaurants. I want to be a force to be reckoned with, someone who is drab and fancy at the same time. I want to write screenplays, win awards, and have my name emblazoned on...
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things my mother taught me
Her face is thin, pale white hues and misguided light. It all pulls me in; her short brown hair, her almond eyes, and that pre-cancerous spot that sits just above her right cheekbone. Her smile curves to the right when she's nervous, the ends curve cheek to cheek when she is happy, and her left...
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I look to the new year the way the sun looks at the sky: hesitantly, guarded, and free. I find that in my mid-twenties I've taken things for granted; some with a grain of salt and most with a boulder. I assumed the few friends I had would be in my life forever, assumed I could call them whenever I...
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Dark grey roads and signage ahead, I do not falter. Freezing rain and whipping winds, I do not stumble, for I know where I am going. The clouds parted as I left; their heavy bodies moved just to let the light fall on my face. The warmth nuzzled close to my skin, oils and blemishes, dry and cracked...
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a road trip home
I remember their smiles, the way their faces lit up my soul. I remember when I hugged them, how we laughed. And, I remember how I helped them--how they helped me. I remember the time I held one hand and how they held mine. When I cried in the bathroom, when I realized how I'd miss them. ...
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The moment you stand still is when you will finally see; see the wonder, see the hell. Pieces of your existence at your feet, scattered on the ground like clippings, scooting across the earth as the wind changes direction--seasons changing. The death of summer births fall and, at the end, after all...
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There's something about the city lights, staring up at them, watching the snowflakes fall beneath the shimmer, a glistening of falling hope. It makes you feel faith slipping from your fingertips, the intricate prints intertwining with lost identity. There's something about the nightly walks I take...
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Always Wonder
  it's funny how life makes sense the moment you stop talking, when you drive down abandoned roads and look out at the fields. interesting how life seems to whisper in your ear the moment you unplug yourself, when you close your eyes in the dead of night and listen to the birds hum, the leaves...
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Lost And Found
Somewhere between the sweet and salty chips and the off-brand Pringles, I find myself lost; lost in a world that's easy to forget, lost somewhere in the forever aching void in my soul. I remember the times when I would get lost in a store, as a child, and the sinking feeling I would get when my...
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i saw your picture the other day. it was surreal and unexpected. your reflection lingered in my eyes and stayed in my heart, for days without warning. we used to be close, best friends even, a long time ago. a time when we were both somewhat innocent, before the worries of this vast world burst...
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paths journeys may lead you
it's not about the road you choose to drive down or about the pain you wish you would surrender. nor is it about that long walk to the middle of nowhere or all of your insecurities coming to light. it's about putting your faith in the weakest of beings and and believing in all things abstract. life...
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dear friend,
if you're searching for an answer, it's yes. if you haven't heard from me by now then you're probably wondering what kind of trouble i'm getting myself into. but the truth is that i'm fine. i finally found my place. it's quiet here and the music in the background is my favorite acoustic track. i'm...
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