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Perhaps, Tonight, We'll Find Each Other

i saw your picture the other day. it was surreal and unexpected. your reflection lingered in my eyes and stayed in my heart, for days without warning. we used to be close, best friends even, a long time ago. a time when we were both somewhat innocent, before the worries of this vast world burst into flames.
i watched the moon tonight, wondering how long it would take me to get there if ever i needed to. how i wish to exist somewhere among the stars, where i am unknown, where my soul will float with gravity. to walk on another surface and feel the absolute nothingness beneath my feet would be a wonder. to have no conscious measure of time ticking away in my mind. to watch from far away, the earth in which i used to inhabit.
i've always wondered if you've ever felt the way i feel for you. the lost burning in the pit of your stomach. the unanswered questions. the what-if's and could-have-been's. i've always wondered whether i'm just crazy to think we may work this out, crazy enough to hope in all things obscure. but this world has brought so much craziness to both our lives, lead us down completely different paths. but what if, just for a precise moment in time, our two paths collided, opening a window both of us could jump through? 
perhaps it's just the haunting loneliness that has washed over me like new skin. perhaps it's the fact that you're a million miles away, in immediate danger, and i'm safe in the basement of my childhood home. and maybe it's the fact that i've never given up the hope in us, whatever unfolds in the future.