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Indianapolis, IN
Mar 2010

Evan Hayden Pullins is an outsider artist from Northwest Indiana. He started to study creative nonfiction at Columbia College Chicago, but chose to live a free-spirited life instead. His first book, Blogging Through Life, was published in 2011.

He lives his life according to his own book of rules; painting, photography, writing, everything creative. He feels alive with the words he writes on his paper, in the brushstrokes of paint in the early morning. He strives to spread the word of knowledge and hope, yearns to find a place of undeniable peace.

He recently published his second book, Trading Forever: A Memoir, which can be found online on Amazon. He describes his style of writing as abstract, a force of unconnected sentences that dissect the raw emotions of existence. He finds inspiration in abstract paintings, collages, and odd sculptures. Somewhere in the void of space he finds his ideas for writing.

Evan's mission in life is to share the experience of mental illness with those unlike him. He has lived with schizophrenia since the age of nine. His raw descriptions of hallucinations and delusions are terrifying and beautiful at the same time. He truly transforms the reader, allowing them to experience the symptoms as he sees them every second of every day.

You can follow Evan's journey through this blog and on his art website at: evanhaydenart.weebly.com If you wish to contact him personally you can find his page on facebook at: Facebook.com/evanhayden

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