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The Write Diet

I sat on my bed and opened my journal to a clean page. I had my notebook, my pen. I was all set to write.

And then I heard it.

The first rumble of hunger. 

My stomach rumbled again, loud as thunder. 

Write or eat? I wanted to write, but maybe I was better off eating first. I wondered what was on the menu. 

I turned over my notebook. I looked at the cover.

"Paper produced from sustainable sugarcane fiber."


I did need more fiber in my diet.

I could have my notebook and eat it, too.

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I see a post from Eva and I

I see a post from Eva and I am quick to click!

Never a dull moment reading Eva's Writing.

She gives me plenty to laugh about.

But I do wish she gave me cake.

So as I Write I can eat it too!


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If there were a quick and easy way to send you cake, I would. 

Thanks for your delightful comment! Eva

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Don't eat your notebook. 

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Phew! Your note arrived just in time--I didn't eat my notebook. Thanks for writing! Eva

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I just thought of the perfect

I just thought of the perfect bumper sticker for you:

I brake for food.

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Bumper Stickers


your idea is perfect. I thought of you today when my boyfriend and I were biking in San Francisco. We passed by a chocolate store, and I braked quickly, got off my bike, and said, "I have to go in here." I wished I had your bumper sticker to wear on the back of my jacket.

Thanks so much for a great idea!