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Speaking In Plane English


I recently flew from the East Coast to the West. When I arrived at the airport, I checked in with the airline ticket clerk. "I have a middle seat, but would like to switch to an aisle seat. Would that be possible?"

She said, "Let me see. Oh, good, I have one for you. They're not easy to get. They go like hot cakes, but I did find one for you."

"Aisle?" I said.

"No," she said, "window."

So much for speaking in plane English.





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Plane English

Funny interchange of request and answer--Maybe the clerk was twisting her neck, or flipping the chart so that the diagrams became an Alice-in-Wonderland left to right, and right to left, up to down or down to up.  Playing musical chairs with passengers would break up a long flight, stretch the legs, and get a fast break to an outside aisle seat.  Go for it!

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Musical Chairs

Musical chairs is an interesting proposition for airline travel, Lily. I thank you for the suggestion. Next time I fly our friendly skies, I'll have to try it.