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Pulp Nonfiction

There is nothing I like better than a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice with lots of pulp. So I rejoiced when I saw freshly squeezed orange juice listed on the menu of my favorite cafe.


"I'll have the freshly squeezed orange juice," I told the counterperson. 


She handed me a prepackaged, plastic container of orange liquid.


"Could you please freshly squeeze the oranges for me?" I said.


She said, "This is all we have."


I said, "I thought freshly squeezed meant that the juice was freshly squeezed on the premises."


She said, "We do not squeeze it here."


I said, "Where is it squeezed?"


She mentioned some far off location and said, "We buy it already made."


Already made freshly squeezed orange juice that was driven miles and miles to its destination was a concept I was having trouble comprehending. It reminded me of the time I ordered freshly squeezed orange juice from a restaurant, and later learned it came from a carton of Tropicana.


The counterperson said, "You'd be better off getting something else."


I eyed the possibilities. The smoothie was out because it contained dairy. The tea was caffeinated, and I didn't drink Coke. Then I spied a tall bottle with a neat label and orange lettering. "What is Aqua Panna?"


She said, "That is still water."


As opposed to what? I wondered. Water that has changed its identity? Water that's on its way somewhere?


I drank some. I realized how still it was.


Not that it was stagnant.


Just that it lacked a bubbly personality. It was not a sparkling water. 

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Well done, Eva

You had me laughing out loud when I read, "I realized how still it was." Thanks for a good laugh. Cheers

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Thanks for still being a fan! And a sparkling one, at that.



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Eva you are hilarious!!!!  I

Eva you are hilarious!!!!  I am scrolling down as I read and chuckling all the way down to still water!  Water comes still or sparkling.  When you are in Italy, the waiter will always ask, "still or sparkling?"  and Orange juice comes pulpy, less pulp or no pulp.  At least those are the choices I see when I am looking to buy Florida's Natural -- and mind you, even though it's in a carton, shipped thousands of miles to the Philippines, the box says freshly squeezed!!!

Sometimes, a waiter may ask, flat or bubbly when it comes to water.  With orange juice the carton will say -- NOT from CONCENTRATE -- that's what makes it fresh!!!

Amazing, isn't it? :-)

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Not From Concentrate


It is amazing that you're getting fresh orange juice shipped thousands of miles. 

Your response is a lot more fresh. Thanks!


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I think they call it still water because that's more attractive than "flat" water.  I always want to ask how long has the orange juice been fresh? You would be amazed at the looks I get!

Most enjoyable read...fresh - actually.



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Thanks, as always, for a most refreshing note, Sharon.


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Freshly squeezed...

Yes, some folks are quite careless in their use of words.  Especially advertising folk.  Thanks for your laugh, Eva.  Glad your water was not stagnant.  I am too lazy to squeeze oranges, so I buy the cartons. For some reason at our Kroger, I have a struggle finding OJ with pulp, which is what my husband prefers.  There seems to be many more cartons without pulp or with little pulp. But I search until I find what he likes, and I think we have grandchidlren who have learned to like the pulp because that is what they get at our house.

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Pulp or No Pulp.

Thank you for your nice comment, Sue! It makes me crave a freshly squeezed orange juice!