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Processing With My Processor

My food processor's predecessor is a blender. While it is rare that I make blender blunders, I thought it'd be fun to have a processor. I processed this idea in my mind for several months; one day my friend offered me hers.


Prior to the food processor, the only processor I had used was my word processor. Although it excels at chopping documents in half, mincing words, and slicing dangling participles, I had the feeling that using the food processor would entail a different sort of process.


I know little about food processor processing. My friend explained the blades for mooshing, mashing, dicing, slicing, and grating. Great.


Then she left me to my own devices (or device). All I had to do was figure out how to turn it on. No simple task, as it turned out. The dial wouldn't budge. I even tried contacting the processor's parent company, but it had changed its product line and couldn't help me.


When my friend visited, she showed how the plastic bowl needed to click into place a certain way (it needed to be part of a click clique). It looked so easy when she did it. The next time I tried, the dial wouldn't budge (I think it likes her better).


Processing with my processor has been a process. I've decided it's easier to do things manually. For instance, I used the grater blade to hand grate lemon rind. It worked, for which I'm grateful. 

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Grater things are yet to come...

Well, it sounds like your processing will remain purely manual, in order to manually puree. A lovely piece (or pieces)... Thank you.


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I am grateful for your great response. You're the greatest!

Gratefully yours,


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As always Eva, refreshing and

As always Eva, refreshing and hilarious! Processing, blending... the end result is the same -- mush!  Forget processing and blending.  Manual processing may need more processing but it's one less gadget in the kitchen which means less processing to clean up and upkeep!  :-)

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Much Ado About Mush


I am so glad to hear from you. Thank you for your excellent points about mush.  Manual processing is the way to go.



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Thanks! I'm smiling as I process these juicy bits.

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Juicy, Indeed

Thank you for your juicy comment! It made my day. Eva

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I have my mother's food

I have my mother's food processor. I use it for Gratin Potatoes only. I tried it to finely dice onions and the end result was slush. I prefer to use my knives. Therapeutic and ultimately perfect. m

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Gratin Potatoes

I appreciated your kind comments.  I like the idea of Gratin Potatoes. Thank you for reading and taking the time to respond. Your mouth-watering comments whet my appetite!  Eva