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Oh, My Word

Oh, my word.

But not just one word. Several. My words escaped me. I had been writing something when what I wanted to say flew out of my head.


I took a deep breath. Stay calm, I told myself. Then I called for help.


Minutes later, a group of word watchers gathered, their binoculars and spotting scopes directed toward the sky. Somewhere was a flock of flyaway words. I wondered if my words knew where they were going and how they would get there.  I knew I had to get them back. I didn't know how. No GPS could help. No compass. No map.


I took my eyes away from the computer screen. I sat on my bed. I wrote about something else. I smiled. Like anything lost, once I had stopped thinking about the words, they flew back into my head.


Mark my words, this won't happen again.



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Eva, I always eagerly await your words ...

... and I'm never disappointed. Word up!


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Walkabout Words

They were a merry bunch when they ambled by, but they did look a bit at a loss for their wordsmith. I'm relieved to hear they made it back from the brink of the infinitive.


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this brought a smile to my lips :)