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My Safari Adventure

Ever since I was six, I've wanted to go on safari. Over the years, I've read travel guides and written down names of safaris I've read about in newspapers and magazines. On my ideal safari, I would see a lot without spending a lot.


Recently, I found out about a new kind of safari. Actually, it was a newer version of what's already out there. I heard I could see more and that it was free. That seemed to be too good to be true.


I tried looking it up on my computer, but since I am one of the rare few without DSL, it would have taken forever to download. Forever being approximately four hours.


So, off I went carrying my desktop computer down the street. Because it's a stay at home sort, it was excited to walk with me in the fresh air.


At our destination, I set my iMac on the table and plugged it in. Then I checked for updates. I checked again.


And there it was--the safari I had heard about.


Though it wasn't the safari I've been dreaming of since I was six, Safari 4.1.3 would do for now.

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hahahaha!  You had me fooled

hahahaha!  You had me fooled reading this blog Eva!  Like you, I dream of going on a Safari and I mean a real Safari adventure with lions and tigers, Giraffes and zebras :-) 

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Safari Travels


I am glad I could make you laugh.

I hope that you will get to go on a real safari adventure!

Thanks for reading my blog!


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You got me!

Excellent - as usual. Thank you for making me smile.

Sharon (^_^)


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Thank You~!

Thank you for the nice surprise of your friendly comment, Sharon! I was delighted to hear from you!