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Female Seeks Mailbox

The mailbox at the corner has disappeared. I wonder whether it was taken against its will or whether it went willingly. Maybe an aerogram came along and said, "Let's fly to a different corner." Perhaps you looked in the sky and saw it--an unidentified flying mailbox.


I still write mail the old-fashioned way--with stationery, envelope, and stamp. I like walking to the post office to send letters, see the stamps on display, and pick up packages.


A couple of years ago, when I had to choose a new bank, the sales rep tried to entice me with online banking. "No more waiting in line at the post office," she said. "No more buying stamps."


I said, "But I like buying stamps. And I love the post office."


Her face looked as crestfallen as mine had, when she suggested online bill pay.


Over the years I have made waiting in line into a game. At my post office, customers get a number. When mine is called, I shout it out. I yell, "That's me." Everyone cheers. Once, the number matched my age. I felt lucky, like I had won the lottery. 


I also have developed rapport with the clerks behind the counter. They laugh when I shout, "That's me." They ask how I'm doing and what I've been up to. They admire my stickers, rubber stamps, and colorful markers adorning the envelope.


Had I known that the blue mailbox would disappear, I would have paid my respects. I would have said, "Sorry I didn't use you as much as the others, but I appreciated your being there. Goodbye, good luck, and thank you." Then I'd drop my address inside, just in case the mailbox wanted to write from its new home.

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Every time I see a post from

Every time I see a post from Eva Schlesinger, I begin to smile and say to myself, "there she goes again...."  

Although I have to admit... my patience is not very long when it comes to banking and post office lines here in the Philippines.  I can assure you, the experience will test your humor and patience.  Instead of yelling "that's me", you may end up yelling, "FINALLY!!!!"

I enjoy my walks to the post office or the bank when I am in San Francisco.  It's a totally different experience from life in this side of the world.

Oh what the heck!  I am off to a good start of the week reading your blog!


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A Good Start To The Week

Every time I see a post from Rina Macasaet, I shout, "Hurray." I feel even luckier than when I am at the post office and the clerk calls my number. It's even more exciting than when the number matches my age. Now I definitely know my week will go well.

Thanks, Rina, for your delightful comment!


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Wow...if they called a number that matched my age

I would say "it's me"...and they would say...sorry we're closed.


Delightful post,



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Delightful Response!

Your comments are always delightful, Sharon. I was thrilled to hear from you.

Thanks for stopping by. It's always great to see you here.



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What a hoot!

So many points to address here....

I've lamented the blue box migration for years. We once spent an hour in a distant town trying to find one to mail a bill out. I finally saw a mail guy stop and gave it to him.

I also miss the green relax boxes. Colored olive green, I thought they had to do something with the Army when I was a child. I was well grown before a post guy explained its purpose. They have also become so very few.

Your lottery comment reminded me of buying gas. I always pay cash when I don't buy at Costco. Here in Oregon, that means you go inside, tell them you're paying cash, your guess of how much it will take, and then give them the green to cover it. Then, you, with others, wait.... 

At last the cashier looks around and shouts, "Pump five! Who has pump five?"

And I shout, "Woo hoo, I won!"

Thanks for sharing. Cheers

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Lucky Winner


Thank you for your many fine points. I enjoyed your  lottery anecdote.

I felt like a lucky winner all over again.