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Blog Readership Rewards Program

In order to bring more readers to my blog, I've decided to implement a rewards program. For every blog you comment on, you will earn a point. Collect points like cash and redeem for the things you can't live without, such as

* the chance to meet the holey socks that co-starred in my sock blogs

* the opportunity to eat cheesecake paired with kosher dill pickles

* a seance with members of the Dead Pen Society

* a counting lesson taught by 1000-sheet toilet paper rolls

* a behind the scenes cooking demonstration by Chef E, who will make her famous chocolate brownie-cookie-puddingcake custard

* and much, much more.

To find out how you can redeem your points, just call 1-800-ha ha ha.

Certain restrictions may apply.

Void where prohibited.

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Readership Rewards

Please enroll me.  I'm excited about a rewards program in which I might finally earn something----except, uh, oh----What's this about "certain restrictions may apply"?   Please, no paragraph of tiny print detailing long, inexplicable rules, blackout dates,  elitist ranks of platinum, gold, silver rewards, or limited offerings (though running out of dill pickles/cheesecake combo is okay with me).

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Certain Restriction May Apply

Hi Lily,

Thank you for your delightful and whimsical response. I will certainly take into account that you are not interested in the pickles/cheesecake pairing; as with all new programs, there may be glitches, and I hope you'll be understanding if such a glitch occurs. 

Thank you again for taking the time to read my blog!


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Eva,   How do I enroll?  I


  How do I enroll?  I love it.  At least with these points, maybe, just maybe, I could cash them in for something real like the chocolate brownie-cookie-pudding cake custard.  Or neverending toliet paper...ah, bliss!  Never to have to change a toliet roll again.  ~nan


1 point?

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Rewards Program


Thanks so much for your comment! I loved it. I'm so glad you're interested in the chocolate brownie-cookie-pudding cake custard. And never-ending toilet paper. You definitely get a point! Thank you for making me laugh!


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Ohmygosh, please sign me up

Ohmygosh, please sign me up right away. pudding-cake?!?!? Are you kidding, that must be the grand prize.

Shoot. I just read the 1-800 number. There aren't enough numbers to make it real. We've been duped, haven't we? No pudding cake for any of us. Well, at least we know where to come for laughs!


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The Scoop on Being Duped


I understand your concern about being duped, but for the record the toll-free number is legitimate.

The pudding cake is yours, if you still want it.

Thanks for stopping by with your super fun comment!


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Now I want to call the 800

Now I want to call the 800 number just to see if I am close to qualifying for the pudding cake (short term pleasure) or the never-ending toliet roll (long term bliss).  I suspect one point (or two) does not qualify for either, but I need to know.  ~nan

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Toll-Free Calling

Dear Nan,

I apologize for the delay in responding. My toll-free line was under the weather. But now it's been fixed and I am happy to report you do qualify for both pudding cake and never-ending toilet paper roll. Operators are standing by to take your call. -Eva

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Eva,    So excited...now to


   So excited...now to make that call.  What bliss to never change toliet paper again. ~nan


PS.  The pudding cake--that will be bliss of another nature!

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Blissful Rewards


Thank you for the great reward of seeing your nice comments again and again. I will gladly give you extra points. Save to redeem for such prizes as a chocolate sniffing tour, world famous chocolate pudding cake, the fabulous prize everyone's talking about... the never-ending toilet paper roll, or a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take my mismatched socks to the sock hop.