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A Sense of Place

"A place for everything, and everything in its place," my friend Mary Poppins said.


Hers is a maxim I try to live by. I am of that age where I have a knack for putting down a pair of scissors, my sunglasses, or Scotch Tape, only to discover that several hours, and on occasion several minutes, later, I can't find it, and have no recollection of where I put it.  


Come to think of it, I have been of that age for the last twenty years or so.


The other day I used Scotch Tape to seal two envelopes. Ten hours later, my tape had disappeared. Guess that's why it's called Invisible Tape.


I know that I will find my tape.




Only when I am looking for something else. That's what always happens. Like some law that exists--I am allowed to find one thing, but only when something else goes missing. I wonder if I could purposely misplace something, just so I could get my tape back.


Unless it walked off. No doubt with my masking tape. Duct tape is still in my tape drawer.


For that, I am grateful. 



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Sticky situation

I find that when I can't find something, I go buy another..roll of tape...pair of scissors..gold ink pen. Then upon arriving home and taking the item out of the bag, I immediatley find the one I thought I had lost. Works every time. I wish I had a better system. Delightful post!

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Lost and Found


Your system sounds great, and I like that it works every time. I think I'll try it.

Thanks for taking the time to respond!


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Too close for comfort...

You sound as if you are writing about me. I guess misery loves company because I did enjoy reading this!

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Too Close For Comfort


Thanks so much for your response. I enjoyed your note!