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A Little Tail
My dog Tony

My dog, Tony, needed surgery. His tail was broken. It flopped over, spilling red foam on the carpet. I wrapped him in clothes and nestled him in my knapsack, airlifting him from the East Coast to the West.

I was so excited to have him here that we immediately went for a walk in the great outdoors. I made a joke, and he laughed his head off.


I rushed him to the emergency room. After surgery to reattach his head and to heal his tail, he was ready to come home. The surgeon placed him in a cardboard box filled with tissue paper. I did a bed transfer and put him in a basket.

He wanted to go out for a stroll, but I said he needed to rest.

A week later, his wish came true. We trotted all around the neighborhood. Then I took him on the bus. When I paid my fare, I held up his basket and told the driver, "This is my service dog." The driver said, "That is the best service dog I have ever seen."

At the next stop, a black lab seeing-eye dog stepped into the aisle. He and Tony made eye contact and started networking about their professions.

After running our errand, we got back on the bus. When I told the new driver that Tony was my service dog, she said sternly, "Only if it stays under control."

We got off in Berkeley and headed home. Just then, Tony spotted three dogs. We went over to say hello. One was a gray, furry, curly-haired mix, another was a Pyrenees lab concoction, and the third was a collie. She came right over and nuzzled Tony's nose back and forth.

Despite surgery, Tony wasn't lagging. His little tail was wagging.

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Man.  That's awesome.  The

Man.  That's awesome.  The brave little service dog that could, then couldn't, then could again.  

I just heard on the radio too that the Textile Repair Studio will be covered under Obamacare (it was the only portion of it the House would pass).  So the news for Tony just keeps getting better and better.  

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Great News!


Yes, it is great news about the coverage. Tony and I are rejoicing.

Thanks for your wonderful comment, which delights me and makes me giggle every time I read it.


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If you weren't so funny, Eva,

If you weren't so funny, Eva, Tony would not have laughed his head off. I guess that's just one of his occupational hazards.

This story reminded me of the American Girl Hospital in NYC where I once brought my daughter and her ailing doll.

Glad to hear Tony's on the mend!

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Work Hazard


Yes, it is a problem being so funny, but we are dealing with it. 

Luckily, Tony does get worker's comp. as well as Obamacare to pay for his surgery.

We appreciate your good wishes. He is doing well, considering everything he's been through.

And, if you're up to it, he (and I) would love to hear about your visit to the doll hospital.

Thank you so much for stopping by!