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Think Small
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Today I'm guest blogging over at changeitupediting.com. Come on over and read Think Small, advice for anyone who wants to write more this year but just doesn't seem to have the time. Stop waiting for the perfect time to write a novel, story, blog post or sentence. It doesn't exist.

click here: Think Small at changeitupediting.com.


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Very Inspirational

I enjoyed your guest post. It's fun and rings true with your trademark humor and writing prowess.

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Wowza! "trademark humor" and

Wowza! "trademark humor" and "writing prowess" used to describe me? That made my year (and I don't mean calendar year, I mean 12 consecutive months)!! Thanks Eva, thank you very much.  

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Boy--did you ever figured

Boy--did you ever figured this one right! I loved your guest post--how totally true.  Today I waited 20 minutes at the dentist and whipped out my notepad but all I got was a blank page.  So I dived instead  into "Hello" magazine and "Star" to catch the latest on the jet-set and Hollywood crowds--that was entertainment and an inspiration!  Thanks, Eva for your fun column. . .

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Oh Judee, the blank page is

Oh Judee, the blank page is so daunting! Not for the faint of heart. So bravo to you for facing it head on. But alas, sometimes it's not meant to be! Better luck next time. And I know what you mean about those magazines having some great story lines to inspire. Might try that myself...