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Jul.06.2010 - 1:33 am
  It’s been three years now since the dawn you left me. A lot of things have changed with me, and in me. And yet, the more these things change, the more I hold on to the past....
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Feb.23.2009 - 1:29 am
i read and watched the novel/movie Bridges of Madison County by Robert James Waller . it is a touching experience, one which stays with you for quite some time. i felt compelled...
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Feb.20.2009 - 4:17 am
i will never promise that i will love you for the longest time. what i can assure you is that i’m willing to hold you even closer when doubts in what we feel surface from time to...
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Feb.12.2009 - 4:18 am
i lied. i’m not okay. i’m not fine. the smiles were meant to deceive you. the high spirits were conjured from the pits of my consciousness leaving me with none. i hope you’d...
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Jan.07.2009 - 4:48 am
In response to: pain
thank madam.