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Ethan Canin's Books

From Ethan Canin, bestselling author of The Palace Thief, comes a stunning novel, set in a small town during the Nixon era and today, about America and family, politics and tragedy, and the impact of fate on a young man’s life. In the early 1970s, Corey Sifter, the son of working-class parents, becomes a yard boy on the grand estate of the powerful Metarey family. Soon, through the...
Carry Me Across the Water
August Kleinman, the protagonist of Canin’s latest novel, is seventy-eight years old, rich and wise from a life filled with accomplishments and heartache. Yet as this spare, beautifully realized story opens, he is marveling at the fierce force he discovered in himself one afternoon when he was eighteen. That day, on his way to watch a friend from his Orthodox Jewish neighborhood in...
For Kings and Planets
From the celebrated author of The Palace Thief and Emperor of the Air, comes this stunning novel about the relationship between two very different men. Orno Tarcher travels from a small town in Missouri to New York City to attend Columbia University, where he begins a new life feeling unsophisticated and insecure. He soon strikes up a friendship with Marshall Emerson, a seductive...
The Palace Thief: Stories
The Palace Thief is the story of a dedicated and inspiring classics professor at an elite prep school where an encounter with a student, the son of a powerful senator, inexorably alters his life. Forty-one years later at a reunion of his students, he is faced with the fear that he may have failed the most important challenge of his life—to have been a great teacher.
Blue River
From one of todays most highly acclaimed authors comes Blue River, a tale of love, violence, betrayal and possible reconciliation. When two distant and disparate brothers are brought together, they must confront the realities of their past to face the future.
Emperor of the Air
Canin’s outstanding debut, winner of a Houghton Mifflin Literary Fellowship, gathers nine stories originally published in the Atlantic, Esquire and Ploughshares, among others; two were selected for the Best American Short Stories 1985 and 1986. At twenty-seven, the gifted author, a Harvard Medical School student who was a creative writing instructor and an Iowa Review editor,...