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Nightmare of Reality

Chapter One

It began like any other day- with a terrible hang over from too much drinking after new year's day party. I managed to crawl out of bed despite the incessant pounding in my head. I staggered to the bathroom, still half drunk(never underestimate the ability of Guinness to keep you drunk till the next day)
  I was about to brush my teeth when I heard a voice calling me from the bedroom.My heart almost stopped beating! Who could be in my bedroom? Then I remembered- I had met a girl at the party the previous night.Had I really been that wasted?

 I went to my bedroom .The girl was wearing my T-shirt. She smiled at me and came over to hug me. I looked at her and wondered what to call her (the name had completely disappeared from my mind). I decided to call her "baby." "Come to bed," she purred in my ear.
   "Okay, gimme me a minute," I answered, wondering why there weren't any used contraceptives on the floor. Maybe we had actually gone to "sleep" after returning from the club. Or maybe we had actually... I dared not think of it.

   "You were amazing last night," she whispered in my ear. My whole body stiffened. Amazing? Last night? What was she talking about?
    Before I coud say anything she spoke again.
    "Who is that?" She asked pointing at the picture  near my bed.
    "That's my girl friend," I answered.
     "She is pretty," she said. I smiled. Now that I had told her I had a girl friend I was sure she would leave me alone.
      "I wanna kiss you," she said. Damn! I thought- does having a girl friend really make a man more attractive to women?
      "Er.. I don't..." I didn't finish what I was saying because my doorbell suddenly rang. 

      I didn't go to the door. It rang again and again but I stayed rooted to the spot, partly dreading who it might be and partly hoping that the person would get tired of ringing and go away. But the ringing didn't stop.
     "You'd better open the door," she said cooly.
     "Okay," I grumbled before walking towards the door. I got into my livivng room and then went to the door. I peeped through the little hole but only saw the top of a black hat. I opened the door and then my heart leaped to my mouth! The girl standing outside my house gave me her usual sweet smile and then pushed past me and walked straight into my living room....to be continued but if you can wait then go to http://yungsibooks.com/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=13