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 Some rich people have a false sense of superiority because of their financial edge. This, I know very well because I see some struggling people developing a false sense of inferiority on account of their diminished financial status. Between these two groups of people stands a towering giant of reality: All people are equal! Rich or poor, I’ll give them the same consideration no matter how hard it is to do so. I won’t laugh at the rich man’s unfunny jokes just to kiss his ass. Neither will I ignore the poor man’s charms simply because he doesn’t pick up the check at the end of the meal. I won’t treat the rich man spitefully as if it’s his fault that he earns more than me. I won’t pretend in public that his riches are not an important achievement which I too crave, but I will learn from him, instead. In learning from the rich man my purpose will not be to try to outdo him in my own quest for riches. Instead, I will run my own race, lifting my head only to copy positive ideas from my opponents, never, trying to trip them so that I might benefit from their fall and win. Snatching victory from another’s demise is the epitome of cowardice and God knows I’m no chicken. I will feel for the people who are less fortunate than me but I won’t pity them. This emotion robs me of every ounce of respect I have for them making it impossible to view them as partners. So, I’ll regard the less fortunate as equals in every respect and this will certainly boost their spirits. I won’t attempt to amplify the manner in which I portray to them that we are on the same level because this might drive them into deeper valleys of inferiority worth thousands of dollars in therapy sessions. I will simply be myself, treat everyone with the respect he/she deserves and see if the world will not change for the best. Try it!

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Wonderful ideals, Ernest! May

Wonderful ideals, Ernest! May we all strive to follow your example.

With such deep valleys between the haves and havenots, it can be easy to be blinded by the bright light at the top of the hills or lost in the shadows below.

Thank you for shining an equal light upon us all.