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Death-Defying Acts
What does the Tattooed Lady fear? 'Some day I'll run out of skin.' Erin Keane's new book, Death-Defying Acts, is a collection of monologues by a varied cast of circus performers--the Aerialist, Zorada (a fortune teller), the Clown, the Tattooed Lady, the Lion Tamer and even the Lion. They're living on the 'existential edge' says Richard Cecil, and their stories are crazily...
Cover design by Andrew Craft.
With poems that are "as entertaining as they are compelling" (Greg Pape) The Gravity Soundtrack will please both veteran readers of poetry and those who've never before picked up a book of poems. In this debut collection Erin Keane explores subjects ranging from classic myth, philosophy and religion to rock 'n roll, pop culture and children's book characters. The poems...