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I am 59! I've never had the kind of anxiety most folks get over certain years (the ones that mark quarter and half centuries, or the typical over-the-hill landmarks). However, for some reason, the 6-0 looming in my future has given me pause. Part of it is because all my life I was told how much...
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Maryam tells me she hates her little brother, Ishmael. I tell her I hated my little sister, Anna too, or thought I did from time to time. I tell her it's natural, especially when there is a fairly large age-gap between siblings. I ask her if it looks like Annie and I hate each other now. She has to...
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“Fun Home” by Alison Bechdel, is probably the most powerful memoir I have ever read. That being said, I know that I have possibly set myself up for ridicule and debate. Yes, I know, it’s a cartoon.            I was a skeptic.  The last comic books I’d read were when I was a child: Casper the...
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“If I get to Heaven I’ll look for Grandma’s hands.” – Bill Withers            My reflection in the mirror exposed a subtle change in my hands. The skin was shiny, faintly transparent. Soft, almost imperceptible lines ran horizontally down each digit, spiraling out into indistinct patterns across my...
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Readin’, Writin’ ‘n’ Rappin’ needs $6,000 by 07/31/10 to promote their 8-week reading and writing program in an under-served neighborhood in Omaha. Please consider donating. To donate, go to: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ReadinWritinRappin/readin-writin-n-rappin-a-creative-endeavor-for-mid
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April 7, 2007 Dear Ted, We’ve never met; yet after reading "Local Wonders" I feel like I know you. Your friendly, familiar tone put me in mind of my second-cousin by marriage, Leila Mae, who always had a story to tell. Stan and Leila Mae did a lot of traveling in their day, and it seemed...
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Writing is such a paradoxical exercise. It can be easy or hard, depending on the day. Often, the hardships are the self-imposed distractions that we writers allow to disrupt our flow. For instance, just today I used most of my scheduled writing time paying bills, cleaning a table of mail that’s...
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The following entry was submitted to my MFA program as an introduction of myself and as an explanation of why I write and why I belonged in the University of Nebraska Low Residency MFA in Writing Program. I submit that now, it is also why I belong on Red Room. As a child I would rather read than...
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