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Going boldly irreverently into motherhood
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Amy Wallen
The Los Angeles Times

Erika Schickel, the author of "You're Not the Boss of Me," is the girlfriend we had in high school and college who was soda-through-the-nose hilarious.  We never imagined her as a mother, but in this collection of essays, Schickel shows us how that zany girlfrend became a mom.   

"Boss of Me" is neither another instruction manual advising us on coping with breakfast cereal confrontations, lost children in the park and toilet training, nor is it a book of cutesy stories about kids doing the darndest things.  Schickel's collection is anything but strained fruit and should be required reading for all uptight moms attempting to raise their preschool summa cum laudes with flawless parenting.  

She's a smart mom, an honest writer and, gradually, a not-so-hard-on-herself boss.  And she's still the girlfriend we love to hang out with -- we giggle and snort ourselves silly before we can put this book down.