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Biscuits with Country Gravy
Home! No traffic between Salinas and Oakland, the dogs have stopped leaping and wagging, the sister-in-law/dogsitter is gone, the stuff from the car is mostly in, the laundry started, the email checked, the bills sorted. Yes, we need to go get groceries, shower, and find my missing office keys. But...
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This way to the ostriches and emus...
When you're heading out on the road, filled with optimism and nerves and adventure, everything seems fresh and shiny. By the last day, you're beat, reduced to taking pictures of the exterior of Ostrichland. Hell no, we didn't see the Ostriches. No way I was paying $4 each plus $1 for each pan of...
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Annie about to enjoy her Vietnamese noodles.
Today we drove through thick gray smog from Banning to Los Angeles. Tonight we're at my stepson Aaron's house enjoying his and his wife Ruthie's hospitality for the night, playing with my five-year-old granddaughter Cordelia, and eating delicious Korean mall food. A vacation from the vacation, as...
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Route 71, Arizona
It's noisy here next to Interstate 10 in room 207 of the Banning, California Travelodge. On top of the freeway noise, we hear the sound of the trains whooooing and chugging. The air-conditioner rattles and blows, and the resident downstairs in room 107 thumps and slams things. I'm so tired I don't...
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Annie tries to eat Road Food
We're having a hard time out here, Folks. Less than a week on the road, and we two Bay Area foodies have shown our wimp colors, we've keeled over, and we're tenderly crying for broccoli. Click on the picture to the left for a bigger view -- that's Annie in Sedona yesterday, faced with yet another...
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Grand Canyon
Out the door of the Rodeway Motel at 7:00 a.m. It's an hour's drive through high pine plateau to the Grand Canyon. It's cooler today, here -- only 80 degrees at 8:00. I expect throngs and teeming crowds, I expect loud Americans and crying kids, but instead... French people. Many, many French people...
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Arizona Motor Hotel
Hot, hot, hot. It's 116 degrees just after we cross the Hoover Dam. Two hundred twenty miles pedal to the metal today, first down to Kingman, Arizona then west across to Williams, fifty eight miles south of the Grand Canyon. Annie and I park ourselves in the Rodeway Inn and go for an early evening...
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Las Vegas Strip
They say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. It's a promise and a command. It's a brilliant advertising slogan because it suggests a momentary get-out-of-jail-free card for your sad sack life. Debauchery, jackpots, excess, moral bankruptcy, drunk women and drunker men. You will get drunk and...
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We hit the heart of Death Valley, Stovepipe Junction, at noon in June. It's 110F at sea level. We stop at the general store, and between the parking lot and the doorway I fear the soles of my shoes will melt. Then we get back in the car and drive fast, 70, 80, 90 mph, air conditioning off and...
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We head south on 395 on the eastern side of the Sierra, applauding the wall of mountains upthrusting stark to our right, bare peaks with rivulets of snow and glacier that drop abruptly to a desert of muted greens and reds and browns. To our left, low brown mountains and flats stretch on for States...
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...late at night in a cowboy town in a comfortable motel with intermittent Internet. Over 400 miles yesterday, 580 across the Livermore valley and over the Altamont Pass, windmills and we know we're on the road. Then 120 through Tracy, Manteca, fruit stands, hamburger stands, foothills, hills...
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On the Road!
Combine: one fifteen-and-a-half-year-old-daughter who did not finish her online Driver's Ed course so does not have the right to harass her mother about practicing her driving And: one slightly-anxious-but-game-for-adventure mother Slather: with sunscreen Insert: in small car with excellent gas...
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Summer school starts in July, and it is grueling. The first week or two, I come home from teaching classes and I lie on the living room floor, groaning from exhaustion, barely able to stretch a hand to grab the phone to order pizza delivery. But if I think a day ahead.... we can eat yogurt...
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Today I want to give a huge, celebratory shout out to all my gay and lesbian friends and relatives who finally have the right to marry here in California. As I post this blog entry, couples are lining up at San Francisco city hall, and the first lesbians to officially marry since the recent...
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Lutz, head (side view)
As an artist, would you choose to be moderately proficient at a lot of the arts, or wickedly proficient at one? I'd like to be wickedly proficient at all of them. I'd love to be like Leonardo da Vinci, brilliant scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, painter, sculptor, architect...
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