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June has given me an assignment -- something in lieu of writing about politics and doom (the things that are actually on my mind).  Here goes! A word I use too much: Clearly A word I should use more: Hope A word I wish I used more: Intuitive A word that hurts my ears when others say it: Leverage A...
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Obama - Biden
I'm having trouble blogging because the thing that's most on my mind is the presidential election -- and I don't want to write about it. If I tell you I don't like discussing politics, I fear it will make me sound apathetic and apolitical. Hardly. I'm a strong Obama supporter though I think he's...
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This surface.... now clean!!
Labor Day weekend, amid news of Gustav and Palin, and we're taking the time to straighten, sort, clarify, and file. Our goal: surfaces. We have nine foot-high piles of papers to go through: two piles of papers on the hutch; one pile of paper in the hutch; one pile in the build-in; two piles on the...
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Way back when, we used to dress up and come into the city on Saturday nights for the midnight Rocky Horror Picture Show. We were in high school. We were high. To tell you the truth, it was late for me, and I think I dozed off at every single showing. Last night, Annie and her friends rented the DVD...
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Tomorrow Annie goes back to school, the next day my classes begin, and then we'll be back into the roaring of life. Today is the moment before it begins again. I sit in my room at the top of the house doing school preparation and I swelter, shirtless, feeling the sweat drip down my torso. I could...
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When Annie was a little girl, everytime we'd pull the car up in front of the house, Bill would announce, "Home again, home again, jiggity-jig." He doesn't say that any more -- that "little girl" is turning 16 next month -- but the phrase still runs through my mind whenever we...
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Shh.  I'm not here. Can you tell? Can you tell I'm sucked into myself, disappeared? I'm leaving for a week-long camping trip on Friday -- techno-nudity at least part of the time. But it's not Friday yet, and actually I've been gone for a while. I'll come back, I always do.  But the open hand is...
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Me Me Meme
Four jobs I have had in my life: 1. Telephone salesperson for Texcote paint2. Parenting "Expert" Internet columnist3. Au pair4. Dancer/drink hustler Four movies I've watched more than once: 1. Harold and Maude2. Talladega Nights (don't even ask)3. Casablanca4. Eraserhead Four places I...
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Activate, animate, arouse, conjure, dynamize, elate, energize, enliven, exhilarate, impel, innervate, innerve, inspire, juice, quicken, spark, spirit, spur, vitalize, vivify, wake up, whet, vault, vivify, WRITE. Wednesday evening writing workshop with Ericka Lutz meets from 6:30-9:30 pm at a...
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The Human Rhinovirus -- otherwise known as the Common Cold
As I've mentioned before, I'm no good at having a cold. The first few days are fine, I pull the virus over my head like a big blanket and snuggle. I get into the dizziness, experiment with whether to feed or starve, swallow fistfuls of supplements and feel noble about that. But here we are Day...
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Tony Orlando and Dawn
Imagine this dystopic existence: What if you couldn't pick the soundtrack to your life? What if the songs that ran through your head your whole life were determined by cynical music studio executives who used radio waves to implant terrible music and insipid lyrics directly into your brain during...
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Donny Osmond
Have you never been mellow? Do you like Mondays? Is it ecstacy when you lay down next to me? Since I'm still in the throes of ugly, ugly rhinovirus and good for naught, we'll just work on getting this over with quickly, 'kay? From Hands Across the Water to Puppy Love, it's Part Two of The Annals...
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I'm treading on dangerous and controversial territory here. In this post, sacred cows are slaughtered, snowballs melt in hell, Ericka dons her flame-proof suit and bulletproof bra. Warning: in this post, ear worms proliferate. Back in the 1990's my oldest friend Tilly -- she's not old, but our...
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I'm thinking today about patience, and projects, and pushing, and passion, and the relationship between all these Ps. I'm project-oriented. I'm a serial creative monogamist. All my life, I've found passions to immerse myself in: utterly, short-term. I've dived in, sunk down, wallowed.... I've...
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Sometimes you have the Envy Flu and sometimes you just have the flu. Or a nasty cold, as this case may be. I'm snuggled up in my robe with ginger tea and Vitamin C and Kleenex, alternately dozing and groaning and grading papers. Annie just left for a week in L.A. with her brother, so it's just...
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