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Roz Chast gets me... or does she? I have a new Red Diaper Dharma column up at Literary Mama.   "One of my favorite Roz Chast cartoons shows a woman in her forties or fifties wearing a flowing baggy dress with a wild hairstyle and clunky jewelry. The words read: Are you entering your "...
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When's the last time I woke up in San Francisco?  My childhood home; this morning city light is deep in my soul.  I'm on the 21st floor of the St. Francis hotel in a deeply luxurious bed, looking out over the roof tops, listening to the cars far below... another couple of hours and back to real...
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Counting it down. I'm distracting myself. OH YES, I'm distracting myself. You remember that old Ashleigh Brilliant pot-shot postcard with the drawing of the guy on the rack and the slogan "Force yourself to relax"? That's me. I breathe, I yoga, I walk in the woods, I meditate, and in...
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A hellish day. Drama! Worry, tears, anger, fretting... don't bother yourself about the details but suffice it to say that mothering a teenage daughter is no walk in the park, no indeed, especially if that teenage daughter is sensitive to the world, missing her father, and hard on herself. All is...
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I was having lunch with a friend yesterday, a friend with a wayward son, a son who tortures his mother not from lack of love but because he is a revolutionary, wild in the streets. He finds the edges and pushes them, sees the world in extremes, will not follow the rules. Because of ideals. It's...
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And the winner is.... Writer of a 100 word essay as to why she should escort me to the Red Room Housewarming Party contest Grand Prize dinner at Michael Mina... Chosen by the very scientific method of putting my hand into a bowl of strips of paper with entrants' names on them and pulling out one...
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My husband is leaving for Madagascar in mid-October, this time he'll be gone almost six months. We're sad around here. A lot of tension, some excitement, and a lot of tears. One of the saddest things is that he's going to miss my Grand Prize winnings from the Red Room Housewarming Party contest....
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World in disorder? Still in need of distraction? Or, need a Nom de Plume?  Well, then you're tagged, courtesy of Gina Hyams. 1.Your rock star name (first pet, current car/motorcycle):Lizia Cooper 2.Your gangsta name (favorite ice cream flavor, favorite type of shoe):Coffee Boot 3.Your soap opera...
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Anybody know what's going on????
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I'm sad today, melancholic and demoralized, acutely sensitive, choking up at songs on the radio, reliving old griefs. When I'm like this, a few things help: woods, tea, friends, honoring my emotions. It also helps me to reread my own work, in this case, a short story I wrote a few years ago called...
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Today is the first day of Autumn. It's my favorite time of year: my birthday, my favorite colors, the excitement of school beginning, a little nip in the air after the relentless heat of summer. Apples. Chestnuts. Persimmons. And, alas, election season. In this month's Red Diaper Dharma column...
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Yes, and I am not making light of it, there are times when the world is on top of us instead of us on top of it. Days the crashing and burning feels personal (though there's always crashing, and always burning), and our friends look older, smaller, withered and hunched, and we lose some to...
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I never, ever wanted to be a teacher -- "I'm never going to teach," I told my family.  I also refused to take typing in high school because (as I stated in my snotty way), "Forget it, I'm never going to make my living at a typewriter." Ha, ha, ha on me. What do I do for...
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... and speaking of ostriches and recipes, you can find this recipe and many more, galore, at the American Ostrich Association website. My only complaint? No slathering.   Grilled Ostrich with Wild Mushrooms in a Mustard Shallot Sauce 4 6-ounce ostrich tenderloins Wild Mushroom Ingredients...
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This election -- as I mentioned earlier -- has left me paralyzed writing-wise. I have nothing to add to the discourse, merely able to say, "Look HERE!" and "Look HERE!" **** edited to add****  and "Look HERE!" Should I, in the thick of this worry and distress, really...
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