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I love to read out loud, and I love being read to. We come from thousands of years of oral tradition, and it's deep in our souls. Hearing stories is how we learn. Hearing stories takes us places.

I love hearing short stories performed on the radio. I love going to readings (though I don't much care for the going there and the going home part -- I'm not big on transportation). But as much as listening to others read, being carried away by the story and the voice, I love reading my work out loud.

For four years I ran a semi-public Literary Salon in my home called Wild Plum, where a dozen wonderful writers, all women, would meet every month. Every other month three of us would read outloud to a group of invited friends and colleagues. On alternating months, we'd meet just as a group and discuss process, do writing exercises, and other writerly-group things, though not critique.

It was wonderful to be read to, to hear the work come to life in the author's voice.

I love doing public readings -- it's that performance background of mine. And, apparently, I really love doing podcasts. I'm still learning the medium, though I did get a cute "snowball" microphone to go with my MacBook Pro --

All this to let you know that I have a new podcast up in my "media room." "Ruby and Ben" is a short story, another one of my San Andreas stories, and it's about a teenage girl who loves an autistic boy. Yes, she loves him that way. Warning: it is a bit R rated. But only a bit.

Pull up a cup of tea.

Have a listen.



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I will today as I get back to work and more of a normal schedule.  If you, Jessica and I lived closer, we could read to one another.  I love being read to and that's why I listen to podcasts and BBC Radio 3 and 4. 

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I'm all ears!

It's Daddy's doing--he would read Robert Burns, complete with brogue, at dinner. He got me hooked on the sound of words.

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.I'll have a listen to your podcast this afternoon.

Cheryl Snell www.shivasarms.blogspot.com