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Ten Minutes to Count to Ten

Oh so busy! Life is good and full and deadlines are nigh, but I've promised myself to blog here at least twice a week, and it's been six days and so.... MEME TIME! This one is called: The Power of Ten. And I tag you.

Ten Years Ago
I was deep in a dark and scintillating period of time, flirting with an inappropriate emotional attachment that would ultimately change my marriage and my life. I was unhappy but I didn't fully know it. My first two books had just been published but I didn't understand my agitation and my emptiness. And I decided we needed a parakeet.

Ten Months Ago
I was stalled out on my novel, teaching summer school, and deep in the thick of "the year of deaths." My oldest friend's mother had just died, preceded by my grandmother and soon to be followed by my aunt. I was fine, stable and centered, but grieving.

Ten Days Ago
I was eating delicious Thai food with my oldest friend, and literally crying with joy at the support and encouragement my friends and colleagues were giving me with my novel submissions. The tears dripped into my pork larb, but that's okay, it was already salty.

Ten Hours Ago
I was asleep.

Ten Minutes Ago
I looked up from writing my Literary Mama column and said, "Damn. I really need to blog." Creative procrastination...

Ten Minutes from Now
I will be back at my column. Get it done, Lutz!

Ten Hours from Now

I will be at my 30th high school reunion, wearing my spanking new Spanx and uplifting brassiere under my too-expensive dress, hanging out with people I didn't much like 30 years ago, either wondering why I spent $99 for bad chicken dinner or dancing the night away, filled with glee and nostalgia.

Ten Days from Now
Lunch at Cesar's on Piedmont with a new friend! You know who you are, Baby. Yum, Manchego!

Ten Months from Now
Going gung-ho on a new project and hopefully awaiting publication of my sold-to-a-great-house novel...

Ten Years from Now
Who knows? The world is filled with surprises, twists, turns, and my life is so full of life...


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YOU are actually attending your 30th! Ericka, that's big. Please write a post about your exerience, good and bad.


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It's kind of your fault that I'm going, Belle!

I wasn't going to, but your blog convinced me that it was my job as a writer to go. Don't worry, I'll blog about it!

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I plead


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Ten Hours Ago

I realized I had a migraine so bad that I had to go back to bed.  Just now coming back to life, and ready for Cesar's, baby!

Maybe I'll blog a little, too.  Been thinking about food, now that I'm not nauseated any more.

I love the premise of this blog--tens.


Jessica Barksdale Inclan www.jessicabarksdaleinclan.com

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Do Re Meme

Ericka, the received wisdom on memes is that they're for lazy bloggers. Me, I tell people who rely on received wisdom to RECEIVE THIS. I love memes, myself; I think they're a useful way to focus, and it's fascinating to see what people come up with in any constrained form.

Huntington Sharp, Red Room

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I AM a lazy blogger.

BUT I suppose Shakespeare was a lazy poet, all those sonnets, all in the same format... I love memes too.