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Shhh, She's Sleeping...

...late at night in a cowboy town in a comfortable motel with intermittent Internet.

Over 400 miles yesterday, 580 across the Livermore valley and over the Altamont Pass, windmills and we know we're on the road. Then 120 through Tracy, Manteca, fruit stands, hamburger stands, foothills, hills burnt golden from summer, up the winding Sonora pass "one year with Daddy the car overheated," radio blaring country music; China Camp, river, forest, down into Yosemite, "yay, El Capitan!" -- valley floor packed. The tourist scene scares us, grilled burgers and souvenir t-shirts: "I'd rather be hiking" -- me too, me too and grumpy children and hard to park...

Back up to 120 and beautiful Tioga Pass, stark rocks ("Don't take it for granite!" "Mommy." "I get to say it once per trip..."), glaciation, snow, sun, cedars, windows open for the smell of mountain, Tuolumne Meadows in bloom (my grandparents, those horses, that time it snowed on us in July), Olmstead Point...

...and then boom down through Inyo, down down the high desert highway 395, down. Sierra stark to the right, desert stark to the left. Eyes starting to blur... motel.

Dinner. TV always a culture shock. Sleep... until I wake at 3:00, my old familiar friend insomnia... Almost 4:00 now. In the bed next to me, Annie sleeps. We'll leave at 7:00 -- Starbucks then Death Valley and over to Las Vegas.

Shh... I'll sleep now too.

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Hmm. . .

Report back tomorrow about your passage through valley of death.