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Red Diaper Dharma -- The Family Food

The recent talk discussion of gingerbread and oxtails and chicken made me hungry so my Literary Mama column this month is about FOOD.

Here's a brief excerpt from The Family Food:

"Like our dog Mollie, a brown-eyed, sausage-bodied Labrador-mix, my family is completely obsessed with food. Some families drink, and that's a part of their culture. Some do sports. Some focus on academics. And some eat. We eat."

You can read the rest of this Red Diaper Dharma column here: http://www.literarymama.com/columns/reddiaperdharma/archives/2008/05/the_family_food.html

As always, leave me a comment here or there... and let me know where/when I should make our dinner reservations. (French Laundry anyone?)

P.S. Yes, Mollie the dog DID make it into the column. But Lola the dog and the Breatharians did not.

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Love the food focus

I am right there with you, my character and myself all about food.  Buying, cooking, baking it.  A lovely column, the family and the food.  My favorite part is where you fret about your thighs--damn those thin women with big appetites!  Where do they come from?  My mother is the same way, and I'm more fire plug than bean pole.



Jessica Barksdale Inclan www.jessicabarksdaleinclan.com