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Red Diaper Dharma -- "My Goddess Years?"

Roz Chast gets me... or does she?

I have a new Red Diaper Dharma column up at Literary Mama.  

"One of my favorite Roz Chast cartoons shows a woman in her forties or fifties wearing a flowing baggy dress with a wild hairstyle and clunky jewelry. The words read: Are you entering your "Goddess" years? Have you gotten heavily into herbal teas, especially the "soothing" varieties? Has your husband recently purchased an expensive sports car? What's with the hair? This cartoon makes me convulse with laughter and cringe with a bit too much recognition. Am I her? Am I that? Is she my future?"

You can read the column here:  http://www.literarymama.com/columns/reddiaperdharma/archives/2008/11/my_goddess_year.html