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"Holding," A Red Diaper Dharma Column

A painting I did the first year Bill and I were together shows a field of green. In the center there's a floating bed, and in the middle of the bed two people, face to face, stare into each others' eyes and hold each other. That was what we were like those first years. We held each other and saved each other and were each other's everything...

That's the beginning of this month's Red Diaper Dharma column over at Literary Mama.  To read the rest of the column....



I'm currently scrambling -- albeit slowly, since I'm still going head-to-head with a nasty virus -- to get out of the country.  Two weeks in Madagascar with Bill, Baby!  Woot! 

 If I don't manage to post again before Wednesday, see you next year, and may it be a good one.


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