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Los Angeles
Mar 2009

Eric's most recent book is Shanghaied (July 2009), the fourth in his Ray Sharp series of detective thrillers set in Asia and based on true stories. Previous series books are: Flight of the Hornbill, Grave Imports and The Living Room of the Dead. He is also the author of Wrong Side of the Wall, the true crime / sports biography of Ralph "Blackie" Schwamb, the greatest prison baseball player of all time.

Eric has worked for many years as an editor, reporter, photographer, publisher and publishing consultant in both the U.S. and Asia. He has covered topics including economics, politics, culture, crime, drugs, sex and rock & roll. He once wrote an advice to the lovelorn column for a bilingual English-Chinese fashion magazine in Hong Kong.

He currently lives in Los Angeles, where he was born. All his roads seem to keep leading him back there.


Herman Melville, Chester Himes, Graham Greene, Mark Twain, John Fante, John Reed.

Upcoming Works

Shanghaied, the 4th Ray Sharp Novel, Bleak House Books, July 2009


Janet Reid - Fine Print Literary Agency

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Interests & Hobbies

Photography, travel, urban exploration, cooking, blues, rhythm & blues, Asian and African pop music, development economics, Indonesia, China, evolutionary biology, baseball, 20th Century history, sexuality.