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Suspended Animation...the alternative to Grounded for Life

Our favorite youngest daughter attempted to drive out of the garage without opening the garage door first.  Needless to say, this out-of-sequence operation caused a certain degree of damage.  In fact, the door was so warped by its trauma that it could no longer elevate far enough for me to get my car out.  Since favorite youngest daughter's car is low and streamlined, she could drive out and get on with her life with no more consequences than an appropriately quivering lower lip.  I, on the other hand, had to miss a day's work waiting for the garage door opener fixer dude to show up and allow me to extract my car from said garage and get on with MY life.

Since favorite youngest daughter is 19, grounding for life didn't seem like the appropriate punishment....and the fact that she had the incident as she was responsibly preparing to drive to work and her college classes, I really couldn't be too harsh.  Nevertheless, the expense of the door repair and my attendant loss of work time meant we could not afford favorite daughter #3 for the remainder of the month.

We came up with a workable solution....for the next 30 days we placed favorite daughter #3 in a state of suspended animation, in which she could consume no oxygen, eat no food, and do no further damage to garage doors.  It's been remarkably quiet the past day or so, and in fact we sort of miss her cheery repartee.  We'll probably give her an early release.