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My Best Photo Ever
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Since 2000, I have made 6 trips to the Thailand/Burma border wo work with the Karen Hill Tribe refugees.  Although I have countless memorable photos from the area and the people, this photo from my first trip ever to Thailand still grabs me.  This dirt poor little village girl in Mae Salit Kee never put her tiny brother down in the three days I was there.  Naturally, I titled the photo, "He Ain't Heavy."

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"He Ain't Heavy."

Thank you, Eric.



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Hi Eric: There is such beauty

Hi Eric:

There is such beauty in the sadness. The girl's expression and tilt of jaw conveys determination; she seems to be looking towards something - a future? 

There is something trusting in the way the kid brother holds her, eyes shut. His face is softer, a bit blurred, and that adds to the dynamics of the photograph. 


PS: A bit tardy am I, so belated wonderful wishes for your new book. Hope you can really 'ham' it!