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An Excerpt

Once in a while, I don't have anything really profound to say, so I'll just paste and post (or post-paste) an excerpt from the Spirit of the Craftsman, which should be in print before the end of the year.


Here’s a great example.  For as long as people have lived on Earth, we’ve lived under a fixed set of physical laws. (There’s some evidence some of these laws might have changed somewhat after the Fall of Adam, but that’s a different discussion.)  Now, we know that no physical Elements are created or destroyed (except for some minuscule quantities in nuclear reactions); the ancient Chaldeans had exactly the same building blocks to work with that we do today.  Now take something relatively “high tech” like radio.  I brought up the point in one of my electronics classes that radio is so simple that “Even a Caveman could do it,” to borrow a commercial tagline.  The question arises then, why didn’t a Caveman, or a Chaldean, or an Egyptian, or a Roman, or a Samaritan, or even Leonardo da Vinci, or Sir Francis Bacon come up with radio?  Except for possibly the Cavemen, these were all pretty smart people.  In fact, from other things we’ve been able to glean, they were all real smart people.  All you need to make radio, when you get right down to it, is a piece of wire.  We know the Romans had wire; they embedded it into their sword handles as ornamentation.  We’re pretty sure the Egyptians had wire...at least they had gold thread.  Why did the Romans and Egyptians limit their use of wire to, as far as we can tell, decorating things?  After all, they built pyramids, chariots, catapults, aqueducts, roads, and central heating, and had the mathematics to make it all happen.  Why not radio?The obvious reason is that radio involves something you can’t see.  All the aforementioned technologies involved building physical objects.  A radio wave emanating from a wire is an entirely new class of technology.  It took a revelation to discover it.  Radio was always possible; in fact there are numerous natural sources of radio, ranging from lightning bolts to the Aurora Borealis.  But there is nothing in the human body to respond to radio.  There is no sense organ for radio.  So, for the vast majority of human history, we have ignored radio.  We never found it because we weren’t even looking for it.  And even after it was discovered, nobody knew what it was.  Marconi’s biggest problem wasn’t making radio actually work; it was trying to convince anyone that it had any use!  This is a matter of historical record.Radio is a physical truth, yet for most of history, Man has been blind to it.  Now, there is some validity to the reasoning that radio could not have been discovered earlier than it was because it wasn’t time for it to be discovered.  There is a bit of Biblical truth to this, blindness can be either the work of the Satan, or it can be imposed by God.  We know from the Genesis account of the Tower of Babel that there was nothing Man could not do that he set his mind to.  God had to supernaturally strike man dumb...which is akin to blindness.  The discovery of radio in the absence of a spiritual revival could have been a very, very dangerous thing.  Radio might have been one of the “lost technologies” of Babel; I won’t speculate too much on that.  But God certainly has the right and the ability to create blindness in certain areas, or impart a “divine stupidity” upon man when He knows they can’t handle the technology...or any other truth, for that matter.