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People of Color


                          Men of Color

“What if they catch you -, the police are stopping all men of color - they’ll arrest you and send you back,” she told him in Portuguese.

“But I got to go - you know how important it is.”

“Be careful,” she insisted then called after him as he went out the door. “I love you.”

Everyone is after you no one wanta let you be, he thought as he ran down the stairs and out the  door to the street. He saw three tough looking white men standing together  just across the street. They started following him. They probably think I am Muslim, he rationalized; They want trouble I can sense it.

He started walking faster and so did they. He became frightened - they want to beat me.

The men shouted at him, “Stop police!”

His hair stood on end - I am sick - they will arrest me, maybe I can get away.

He ran as fast as he could down the  tube’s stairs  slipping twice as the men got closer and closer. There was a train at the station! If he could get on maybe he could lose them; he leapt the turnstile and rushed for the door. They were screaming at him, but he could not understand.

He rushed into the train just as he was tackled and pulled to the ground. Terror was all around him as people rushed to get away screaming. Terror filled his heart.  He looked  out for the last time as one man emptied five bullets into his brain. It was over -he could relax.